Remote Learning 03: Intro to Composition

Remote Learning 03: Intro to Composition

This week we are starting our next Unit of work 'Compose Yourself'. This Unit is all about composition in photography

Composition is the way elements in the frame of a photograph are arranged.

Some say there are certain rules in the composition of a photograph. Whilst not every photo has to follow a rule, it's good to know what the general guidelines of composition are to make your photographs more aesthetically pleasing.


Learn about different composition rules

Watch the below Youtube video on the work of Steve McCurry about 9 photo composition tips.

Choose three of the composition tips in the video and, in a Word document:

  1. Name each composition tip and explain what it means
  2. Find three examples to put into your Word document from that uses the composition tip

Take a photo using a composition rule

Using whatever camera you have available, go for a walk around your neighbourhood and take a photo using one of the compositional rules you have learned about.

Place this photo into your Word document and:

  1. Name the composition rule you used when taking the photo
  2. Explain how your photo uses the compositional rule

Upload to the Compass Learning Task

On the class page there will be a Learning Task called 'Intro to Composition. Use the digital submission feature to upload your Word document onto Compass.


Here's some inspiration for some ideas for your photo!