Remote Learning 05: Line

Remote Learning 05: Line

This week we are exploring our next element of photography: line.

Line can be a way to control how viewers look at your photo.


Learn about line theory

Read the powerpoint below to learn about the different types of line found in Art.

In a Word document, place two example photos from under a heading for each of the following types of lines:

  • Vertical Lines
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Curved Lined (include an S curve)
  • Converging Lines

Don't just choose the first images you find, look at a few and select ones that best describe the different line types.

Write a brief description of how the different lines change the impact of the image.

Upload to the Compass Learning Task

On the class page there will be a Learning Task called 'Photo Composition: Line'. Use the digital submission feature to upload your documents onto Compass.

Next week you will use your new knowledge to find these lines throughout the school.