Episode 11: Media and audience influence

Episode 11: Media and audience influence

Knowledge and Skills

Key Knowledge

  • the influence of both the media and audience

Key Skill

  • discuss the extent of the influence of the media and media audience

Key terms and concepts

  • influence: the ability to have an effect on the development, thought or behaviour of someone
  • extent: the extent of influence is how much influence
  • influence is often framed by different media influence theories - which are different ways of thinking about how the media or audiences behave when interacting with media.
  • when discussing influence you will need to link it back to some kind of evidence. This could include a case study, some research or some media usage data.
  • It's important to realise that it is very hard to prove influence - and that research and case studies have strengths and weaknesses

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Media and audience influence



Media and audience influence



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