Episode 12: Use of the media

Episode 12: Use of the media

Knowledge and Skills

Key Knowledge

  • the way media is used by globalised media institutions, governments and the individual

Key Skill

  • discuss the extent of the influence of the media and media audience

Key terms and concepts

  • the way the media is "used" by different key stakeholders can mean different things, they can be using it to gain agency / control, to make money or for social justice reasons for example
  • Globalised media institutions: Large media companies. Could be traditional media companies such as Disney, 21st Century Fox, Viacom, or newer technology companies such as Alphabet (who owns Google), Facebook and Microsoft.
  • Governments: Australian governments use the media in various ways, mostly in terms of PSA's (Public Service Announcements)
  • The Individuals: How an individual person might use the media - either as an audience in terms of Uses and Gratification theory, or as an active member of the member - how they contribute to the media economy/


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Use of the media



Use of the media



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