Episode 13: Media regulation

Episode 13: Media regulation

Knowledge and Skills

Key Knowledge

  • the rationale for regulating the relationships between the media and its audiences in Australia
  • the issues and challenges relating to regulation and control of the media

Key Skill

  • analyse the regulation of relationships between the media and its audience in Australia
  • analyse issues and challenges relating to regulation and control of the media

Key terms and concepts

  • The media is regulated in Australia through a range of government, industry and self regulatory systems.
  • A lot of these systems fall under the government organisation ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) who, amongst many other jobs, give out media licenses in Australia.
  • The reasons for regulation, and how effective regulatory systems are, seem to be in flux thanks to a rapidly changing media landscape
  • This creates issues and challenges to do with how we should regulate our media - are we regulating too much or not enough? And what can we reasonably expect from media regulation?


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Media regulation



Media regulation



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