Album Cover Portraits

Album Cover Portraits

Unit 1 Media
media forms in production
representations in production

All media products have their own style and follow the conventions of certain genres. For this media experiment you will be shooting some footage and then manipulating the style and/or genre in post-production.

Part A - Collecting Footage

For this experiment you will be working in the form of photography, using your smartphone. This experiment will also count towards Unit 1, Area of Study 2: Technologies of Representations.

Please use the back camera and have your settings on the highest quality settings.

You will be shooting an artist or band for an album cover. Each student needs to have their own, unique photos. Each student should have at least 6 photos to choose from.

Things to consider when taking your photo:

  • Take a lot of photos in different locations and situations so you have a choice of photos when you get back to school.
  • Think about different locations around the city that might make for an interesting portrait.
  • Think about your composition for your photos, often album covers are done in close ups.
  • Direct your talent. Tell you model to try out different poses and positions.

Resources / Worksheets

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