Are you in a Parasocial Relationship?

Are you in a Parasocial Relationship?

Unit 4 Media
agency and control
media and audience influence

What are Parasocial Relationships?

The theory of Parasocial relationships come from the 1950's where researchers found that audiences had a one way relationship with certain TV and radio personalities.

Parasocial relationships are the apparent and one-sided relationships that can occur between media characters and their audiences.

Parasocial relationships can be based on real or created characters, and are creating using codes of realism and intimacy.

When we start looking for these codes of intimacy we start noticing them everywhere in film and tv characters, but in the realm of new media they are quite common. Influencers, Youtubers, Instagrammers and Twitch streamers all use ways to make their audience feel like they they have a close relationship with their audience, when in reality thhey know very little about their audience.

Extra Readings / Resources

Repeat Stuff - Bo Burnhum explores the Parasocial Relationship between Pop Stars and their fans.

Worksheets / Resources

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