Collecting Footage for Your Video Essay

Collecting Footage for Your Video Essay

Unit 2 Media
style and genre
exploring a distinctive style

Once you have written the script for your video essay, you will need to start collecting the footage to put into your video. There are a range of options below.

Downloading footage from YouTube

This is the easiest way to grab the footage that you need, as long as it is on Youtube and is a high enough quality for you. There are a number of websites that allow you to download Youtube footage, however most are filled with aggressive ads, so be careful!

Screen Capture

Sometimes the scene you want to include isn't on Youtube, so you might want to get certain scenes by playing the scene from a DVD or a streaming service and recording your screen. On a Mac you can do this through Quicktime, and on a PC you can do it through Game Bar.

Other ways... ahem

You may have other ways of obtaining a digital copy of the film. You don't need to tell me about them!