Editing Your Video Essay

Editing Your Video Essay

Unit 2 Media
style and genre
exploring a distinctive style

When editing your video essay there are a few different pieces of software you could use - I will run through each of them below.


It is advised that you use Adobe Premiere to edit your video essay. If you haven't used it before it may look a bit daunting, but this is a chance to get used to using this software as you will need it for other Unit 2 work and even in Year 12.

You have available to you Premiere Express and Premiere Pro. Premire Pro has more features but takes a lot more computer power. You may need to check if you have Premiere on your laptop, if you don't you can contact the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@gleneagles.vic.edu.au. Contact them if you would also like to install Premiere Pro onto your home computer if it is more powerful.

Below are some How-To youtube videos on how to edit video essays in Adobe Premiere.

Other Video Editing Software

If there is other video editing software you have on your home computer and feel more comfortable using to make a video essay, then use that instead! This might include Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, or other free editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, iMovie or even Windows Movie Maker.

Know that you will have less support from me in these software choices as I may not know as much about them as I do about Premiere. It's always good to have an 'expert' in a software when you start using a new software - someone you will be able to call and ask for help if things go wrong.

If Worst Comes to Worst - Powerpoint

If you are really struggling with using a non-linear video editor, you my decide to instead simply use Powerpoint.

In PowerPoint you ca simply embed videos, or screenshots and then insert parts of your voice over audio files onto each slide of your presentation.