Film Themes

Film Themes

Unit 2 Media
narratives in production
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  • The theme is what the story is ‘saying’ beneath the plot.
  • For example: Cinderella is about a young girl who goes to the ball
  • The themes of Cinderella are about love conquering all, and a ‘nobody’ becoming a ‘somebody’
  • What happens in your film is NOT what your film is actually about.

If / Then

Themes can also be stated using the words ‘if’ and ‘then’

If you stick to yourself, then people will eventually accept you for who you are
If you wish for something, then you might get it but it might not be what you really wanted
If you never give up, then you might one day achieve your dream

  • Themes are drawn from your own personal passions, interests, thoughts, opinions and way of looking at the world
  • Deciding on your themes or what your theme is about, before considering plot or character, will help clarify the purpose of your film
  • Themes give your story universal appeal and make your plot and characters relevant and personal to your audience
  • Themes can be derived by echoing the themes, plot structures and ideas of classic stories such as fairy tales, myths, bible stories and historical events