Intro To Media Strikes Back

Intro To Media Strikes Back

Media Strikes Back
dSLR 101

Welcome to Media Strikes Back! In this you will be learning about the following things:

dSLR 101

  • Learning the theory about the different parts of exposure and putting it into practice taking photos using the dSLR cameras.

Media Manipulation

  • Learning lighting and Photoshop techniques to manipulate how people look in a photograph
  • Analysing how the news and current affairs make people look like 'dodgy guys' and 'victims', then making your own segment using these techniques

Media Remix

  • Learning about song mashups and the law, and trying out your own mashup.
  • Learn more editing skills by creating your own film trailer mashups and memes.

The Script

  • Learn storyboarding and filmmaking techniques by creating a one minute film based on a simple script.

Worksheets / Resources

Y10 Media Getting To Know You.docx621.5KB
DMC Agreement copy 2.pdf78.1KB