Iso Portrait Assignment (remote)

Iso Portrait Assignment (remote)

Year 9 Photography
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This week we will be taking a Portrait of someone in our house.

We have spent this unit looking at all different types of portraits. Now we are going to be taking a photo of someone you are in isolation with. Feel free to use any camera you have access to - whether a dSLR or the camera on your phone.


Take a portrait of someone you are in isolation with

Consider who you might take a portrait of in your house, it could be anyone in your family but they must be human, no pets!

It's worth it to remind ourselves of the tips of taking good portraits we learned from the 'Photo Finish' episode.

  1. Get your subject comfortable. Nobody really likes getting their photo taken, so have fun with it to get them to loosen up.
  2. Remember the KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Think about where you are taking your photo to keep it uncluttered and don't be scared to get in close to let the focus be on the subject's face.
  3. Take lots of photos. Nobody gets the photo on the first try so make sure you take a lots of photos so you have plenty to choose from later. Try a couple of different locations too.

Consider your lighting

When taking portraits indoors, the best source of lighting is your windows, so turn off all your other lights and position your subject next to the window to get good effects.

Watch the Youtube video or look at the Inspiration photos to get some good ideas for window lighting.

Edit your photo

Using your skills learned from last week, edit your photos either through an app or on your laptop using Photoshop.

When editing portraits, the trick is to not go too overboard with your editing, portraits look the best when they look natural (although black and white can look good too!)

Add an Artist Statement

An Artist Statement is a short paragraph that explains the artists intention for the photograph, or an explanation of what they were trying to achieve.

When you have finished editing your photo, insert it into a Word document, give your photograph a Title (such as the subjects name) and write a short statement underneath.

Your Artist Statement might include:

  • Who the person is and your relationship with them
  • How they are feeling about being in isolation
  • What their hopes for the future are
  • What mood or emotion you wanted to convey in the photo

Upload to the Compass Learning Task

On the class page there will be a Learning Task called 'Iso Portrait'. Use the digital submission feature to upload your photo onto Compass.


Here's some inspiration for some ideas for your photo!


Worksheets / Resources

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