Media experiment template

Media experiment template

Unit 3 Media
media production development
media experiments

Students are required to do at least two experiments with hardware or software equipment that explores how they might be used to:

  • manipulate codes and conventions
  • create a genre or style
  • engage a specific audience

Experiments have two parts:

Part One: Documentation and Evidence

  • Documentation: include here all the documentation that is included in creating the experiment. This includes things like plans, sketches, notes, youtube tutorials followed, shotlists, production files
  • Evidence: the product of the experiment. If includes videos, you may need to link from youtube or your onedrive

Part Two: Reflection and Evaluation

  • the intentions of these experiments and their relationship to influences, research and studied media forms
    • What was the experiment you did? What was the outcome? How is this experiment connected to the research you have undertaken? What influence are you exploring? How does this experiment connect to your own narrative?
  • the manipulation of codes and conventions and the relationship to the narrative, structure, style and genre
    • What symbolic or technical codes or convention/s did you manipulate in the experiment? What did you change them to? How did this effect the narrative, structure, style or genre? Will you be using this code or convention in your own narrative?
  • the opportunities and constraints of all technologies or processes used
    • What did the technology or process allow you to do? What else could you do with it? How could this relate to your own narrative?
    • What does the technology or process not allow you to do? What does this mean for your own narrative?
  • how the individual style the student has used in the experiment has developed
    • How will you incorporate this technique into your own distinct style for your narrative?
  • how specific audiences would be engaged when reading and consuming the codes and conventions, narrative, style and genre of the experiment.
    • Discuss how a target audience would be engaged with the technique or process.