Reality TV Representations

Reality TV Representations

Unit 1 Media
media representations
representations and audience

TV often uses stereotypes and easy to notice codes and conventions in order to quickly introduce the audience to new characters. They may have only 30 seconds to establish what the characters are which often leads to simplistic representations.

The Amazing Race Analysis

Watch one of the following introductions from 'The Amazing Race' and answer the following questions:

  1. Include a screenshot from the intro
  2. What is the representation of the team? What one word would describe the “type” of team they are?
  3. What different shots are used and why are they used?
  4. Copy what the contestants say and then guess what question they would have asked to get that answer.
  5. What does the voiceover say about the contestants? How does this affect the representation of the contestants?
  6. How has the contestants been represented? Have they used stereotypes? What have they selected or omitted? What codes or conventions have been used? What setting are they in?

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