Research Project: Portrait Photographers

Research Project: Portrait Photographers

Year 9 Photography
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You are to add the following information to your digital portfolio:

  1. Explain why you decided this one photographer was the one you wanted to research more than the others whose photographs you looked at. How is his/her photography different than the others?
  2. a short Biography of the Photographer. Where are they from? When were they born? What are they famous for?
  3. How did your selected photographer get started in portrait photography?
  4. Select four of his/her portrait photographs that make the photographer stand out, and explain what is so special and unique about the portrait photographs. List the title of the photo and describe each photograph, then why each is unique.
  5. Describe the type of lighting and contrast used in the photographs. What props and poses were used? Did the photographer have a favorite camera angle? Distance from subject? Lighting?
  6. a photo portrait of the photographer.
  7. a quote from another photographer about your chosen photographer’s work.
  8. Summarize: What can you learn from this photographer’s portrait photography?


  1. a photo taken yourself in the style of the photographer.