Roles in Large Scale Productions

Roles in Large Scale Productions

Unit 2 Media
narratives in production
roles and responsibilities

Production Roles

Large Hollywood films involve hundreds of people working together to ensure the film gets made in time and within budget. These roles can be very specialised in that they can be focussed in on a very specific part of the film.

These roles are done within and throughout different parts of the Media production process. Three of these sections include Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

Pre-production: The documentation and planning of the production are carried out in visual and written forms including production notes and storyboards. Who, how and when the production will be completed is also planned out.

Production: The planned production design is captured and recorded.

Post-production: The production is refined and resolved. Footage is edited together with music, special effects and sound effects.

Star Wars Within A Minute: The Making of Episode III Documentary

The below documentary breaks down one minute from Star Wars Episode 3 and goes through all the different specialist roles that is included into making that scene. Choose 6 roles โ€“ two from each stage of production โ€“ and explain what the role includes, and what specifically they were involved in doing on Star Wars.


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