Shot selections and angles

Shot selections and angles

Year 9 Film
good vs evil

When making films, directors choose the types of shots they are going to use very carefully as each shot has a connotation (or meaning) attached.

For each shot selection or angle listed below, make a gif from a film or tv show that shows the camera shot in use.

To make a gif, follow these directions:


Find an example of the shot from your favourite film or tv show on Youtube.


Sign up for an account at and click on the create button.

Paste the link to the youtube video in the space in the bottom of the page.


Choose the start time and duration so it shows only the shot you want selected.

Give your gif a title of the shot type it is then click on ‘Continue to Upload’.

Once you have upload your gif, save a copy on your computer or simply drag it into the table below.

(if this gets too hard, simply take screenshots of each type of shot instead)

Worksheets / Resources

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