Unit 2 Media
narratives in production
the rules of the game

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a series of drawings that illustrate every shot in your production. It helps the director and cast visualise the finished product and organise a shoot. A glance at the VCE Season of Excellence Design Plans online will reveal that you don't have to be a great artist to storyboard your proposed production effectively, but you do have to fill the frame in the way your proposed shots will.

Some students use digital images or storyboarding software, but these can slow the preproduction process down.

Tips on Storyboarding

  • Make sure your storyboards are simple but are clear enough for anyone to understand.
  • Your storyboard isn't just what each shot looks like. Make sure you also include any diegetic or non-diegetic audio.
  • Make sure you label every storyboard with a shot number and shot type (MS, CU etc).
  • Remember a storyboard is a planning document. The realities of filming may mean your plans will change.
  • When doing your storyboard remember to include a variety of different kinds of shots.

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