View From My Window (remote)

View From My Window (remote)

Year 9 Photography
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This week's photo mission is all about testing what equipment you have available to you. This term is going to be all about using what you have.

So for this week you can use the camera on your phone or if you have access to a dSLR camera you can use that too. The mission has three parts.


Take a photo from your window

These days you might be spending a lot of time looking out your window - what does that look like? Choose a window with the best view and take a photo with your camera. Take a few photos so you can choose the best one.

Edit your photo

You'll need to experiment with editing your photos. This can either be done on an app on your phone or on your computer. There are three basic edits I want you to try.


Crop your photo in a way that concentrates the attention to the important parts of the photo.

Adjust Exposure

Adjusting the exposure will lighten or darken the image.

Colour adjustments

Adjusting the colour balance can help give a photo or cool or warm feel, depending on the look you are wanting.

If editing on your phone, you can use apps like instagram, VSCO or Snapseed. Here are instructions for editing in the app VSCO.

If editing on your laptop, you can use Adobe Photoshop. For instructions on how to do some basic editing on Photoshop, follow the link below.

Upload to the Compass Learning Task

On the class page there will be a Learning Task called 'View From My Window'. Use the digital submission feature to upload your photo onto Compass.


Here's some inspiration for some ideas for your photo!