How Australians' Values Are Shifting During COVID-19 - B&T

Apr 21, 2020 9:49 PM
narrative and ideology

New research tracking the COVID-19 journey of thousands of Australians reveals values sets are shifting, with signs the country’s population is entering survivalism mode, steering toward content and brands that make them feel informed and safe.

The isoNATION Series, presented by Urban List, Nature and The Lab, plots the shifting mindsets and behaviours of Australians in the wake of COVID-19, supporting brands to keep ahead of the curve.

The first in the three-part series will launch on Wednesday, April 22, and among the insights is the most significant shift in what Australians value in more than a decade — bringing newfound relevance to the presumed outdated Maslow hierarchy of needs. Physiological and safety needs are rising, while those surrounding self-Actualisation and esteem are on the slide.


Research also highlights that 70 per cent of consumers say “how a brand responds to the pandemic will have an impact on my likelihood of buying that brand in the future”, indicating just how vital it is for companies to get things right.

Urban List director of strategy and solutions, Fran Deighton, said: “I have never experienced a faster-changing climate a constant shifting of the bar when it comes to consumer behaviour, cultural conversation and how we, as marketers and content creators, should look to engage.

“This is a 40-minute session that no marketer, strategist or account director should miss — it’s real-time intel that will be critical when it comes to building out your 2020 strategies and plans.”

The insights have been drawn from Nature and The Lab’s COVID-19 Brand Navigator (an ongoing study that commenced early in March — including AI enabled qualitative discussions; weekly quantitative surveys; analysis of social media and social distancing video diaries) coupled with Urban List insights on content trends and consumption; shifting category sentiment and purchase behaviour.

Andrew Therkelsen, Managing Director of The Lab Sydney echoes Deighton’s sentiment, stating that “At The Lab we are obsessed with Culture. There has never been a more important time for brands to understand the profound impact this crisis is having on reshaping our nations psyche, what we care about and how we will want to live our lives in the future ”

James Jayesuria, Partner and Managing Director of Nature Sydney said: “It’s exciting to have such real-time insight into consumers’ mindsets during these uncertain times and this is proving valuable to our clients in guiding them through the rapidly changing dynamics.”

The first isoNATION presentation will take place on Wednesday, April 22 at 3pm AEST. Those interested in attending the virtual presentation should email for an invitation code.