TikTok: Adverts, Creators and You

Jan 22, 2022 9:45 PM
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This exciting, film-based educational resource, featuring successful TikTok Creators, will empower 13-17 year olds with the tools they need to navigate TikTok’s commercial side, ensuring they have the most positive online experience possible. It should also assist teachers, parents and carers who want to supplement their own knowledge to help young people confidently and securely use the platform.

Today’s young people are the first true digital natives. Born into a world of constant-connectivity and ever-evolving technology, navigating the internet has been a necessity for them. As familiar as walking or talking, it’s part and parcel of growing up. As a result, this is a generation that’s highly capable and extremely confident online: they know how to manoeuvre the digital universe better than any that have gone before them.

Within this ‘world’, social media is their base and one of the most popular platforms is TikTok. Home to seemingly endless sources of creativity, connection and information, TikTok is an inspiring and entertaining place. But it is important to remember that it also has a commercial purpose. Brands can advertise their products in all kinds of new and exciting ways on TikTok, so it is vital that young people have a strong understanding of the branded messaging they’re consuming daily.