Finding Lines (remote)

Finding Lines (remote)

Year 9 Photography
compose yourself

This week, you will be taking what you learned last week about different types of line, and you will finding them yourself int he world.


Finding Lines

  1. Go for a walk and take your camera with you. Whilst you are out you need to keep in mind the different types of line we learned about last week:
    • Vertical Lines
    • Horizontal Lines
    • Diagonal Lines
    • Curved Lines
    • Converging Lines
  2. On your walk, try to get a photo of at least one example of each type of line. Don't just take a snapshot, think about how you could artfully take a photo using line.

Edit Your photos

Use photoshop or another app to do some slight edits to your photos such as applying a crop, or adjusting the colour, saturation and contrast. You might also want to add some filters if you like.

Place your photos into a Word document, including the best photo you took for each type of line. Label your photos appropriately.

Upload to the Compass Learning Task

On the class page there will a Learning Task called 'Finding Lines'. Use the digital submission feature to upload your word document to Compass.