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Australian cop convicted for pulling gun over threat of Top Gun: Maverick spoilers
Here is how research says Facebook and Instagram have harmed teens
How Veronica Mars separates “Justice” from “Police” - YouTube
Toy Story's Woody in Red Dead Redemption 2
Research on technology addiction is lacking. Policymakers aren’t waiting.
Why Is It So Hard to Make Fire Look Good in Movies?
The Real Reason You (Still) Watch Reality TV | WIRED
How M*A*S*H's Series Finale Caused A City-Wide Water Pressure Issue
assessmentformative assessmentlearning intentionssuccess criteria
moderationassessmentdevelopmental rubrics
The Secret of Effective Feedback
How Sound Is Used To Create Suspense In Horror Movies | Movies Insider - YouTube - Insider
Welcome to hell, Elon - The Verge
agency and controlcancel culturearticlemedia and changetwitterelon muskcontent moderation
Netflix's The Watcher Has Led To A Mind-Breaking Increase In Home Security Sales
agency and controlmedia influencenetflixthe watcher
EASY 5 MINUTE Skin Retouching in PHOTOSHOP for beginners - YouTube - Kayleigh June
Screenplays for Movies and TV Shows
DarkPattern.games » Healthy Gaming « Avoid Addictive Dark Patterns
Guy Maddin Talks ‘Tales from the Gimli Hospital’ Restoration | IndieWire
narrative and ideologyGuy Maddindistribution
AI image generator
Amazon is deploying its own anti-troll weapons to protect The Rings Of Power
agency and controlmedia influencevaccine hesitancy
Amazon Prime Video Suspends ‘The Rings of Power’ User Ratings After ‘Review Bombing’ Occurs https://www.indiewire.com/2022/09/amazon-suspends-rings-of-power-reviews-1234758039/
How website dark patterns can cost you | CHOICE
Review bombing is a dirty practice, but research shows games do benefit from online feedback
How to fight the 'dark patterns' websites deploy to trick you to spend more - ABC News
agency and controlarticledark patternsinstitutional use of media
Instagram rolls back some changes to app after user backlash | Instagram | The Guardian
agency and controlinstagramaudience influenceindividual use of media
How the 'Justice League' Snyder Cut Was Driven by Bots & an Ad Agency - Rolling Stone
agency and controlarticlefandomuse of the mediasnyder cutjustice leagueRolling Stone#releasethesnydercut
Duffer Brothers to Digitally Fix ‘Stranger Things’ Birthday Error by ‘George Lucas-ing the Situation’ – IndieWire
Epic Games thinks it has a solution for review bombing - The Verge
Watch "90 years of the ABC – what’s changed, and what remains the same? | The Context | ABC News" on YouTube
The Stubbornness Of Steven Spielberg Made Jaws' Production A Hollywood First
narrative and ideologyJawsproduction contextsharks
Steven Spielberg Saved Jaws With Some Help From Alfred Hitchcock
narrative and ideologyJawsSpielberghitchcock
Havas Labs, YouGov study reveals maybe the Aussie mateship has sailed
narrative and ideologyvaluesAustralian Valuesideologymateship
Everyone loves Bandit from Bluey – but is he a lovable larrikin, or just a bad dad?
A Sinking Ship Sent Jaws' Crew Scrambling To Save Film
narrative and ideologyJawsproduction contextsharks
The Many Men Who Inspired Quint In Jaws
narrative and ideologyJawsproduction contextsharks
RAISING THE STAKES | "The Act One Break" S3:E1 - YouTube - Raising the Stakes
videoyoutubevideo essaynarrative conventionsnarrative structure
Study shows how memes impact vaccine hesitancy | Boing Boing
agency and controlmedia influencevaccine hesitancy
'Lightyear' and the Fight Over Queer Visibility | WIRED
Lightyear’s same-sex kiss – the controversy that led to Disney's first 'real' LGBTQ+ representation
Fandom’s influence and power on the internet: books by Tabitha Carvan and Kaitlyn Tiffany, reviewed.
agency and controlfandomuse of the media
Running Up That Hill: How Stranger Things and TikTok pushed Kate Bush’s 1985 pop classic back to the top of the charts - Music Reads - Double J
stranger thingskate bushrunning up that hilltiktokmedia influenceuse of the media
Ms. Marvel Gets Review Bombed on IMDB After Disney+ Premiere
ms marveldisneydisney plusreview bombingmedia and audience influenceuse of the media
An In-Depth Look At the 1982 Summer Movie Season
film1982E.T. The Extra Terrestrialnarrative and ideology

Web tool to make simple drawn animations

animationweb tool
Influencers are often ignored, says Olivia Yallop, but their power shouldn't be underestimated - ABC News
articleagency and controlmedia influenceinfluencersuse of the media
The Gear That Made E.T. the Pinnacle of Product Placement | WIRED
narrative and ideologyE.T. The Extra Terrestrialproductionproduction context
Binge-Watching TV Linked to Greater Risk of Serious Blood Clots
agency and controlmedia and changemedia influencebinge watchingmedia study
TikTok: Adverts, Creators and You
tiktokmedia influenceuse of the medialesson plan
Structuring Time | VCE Media, Victorian Curriculum, Media Arts, digital literacy, media education, filmmaking
story conventionstime structures
Chernobyl - A Masterclass in Perspective - YouTube
chernobylpoint of viewstory conventionsvideo essayyoutube
What Is Character Perspective? - YouTube
story conventionspoint of viewyoutubevideo essay
How to Control the Point of View of Your Story
story conventionspoint of view
Understanding Point of View in Film and Video
story conventionspoint of view
Art of the Opening Scene — How to Start a Movie 6 Different Ways, From Nolan to Baumbach - YouTube
opening sequencestory conventionsnarrative structureyoutubevideo essay
Spielberg: How to Introduce Characters - YouTube
character constructioncharacterstory conventionsSpielbergcharacter establishment
Good Will Hunting — The Psychology of Character - YouTube
story conventionscharacter constructiongood will huntingvideo essayyoutubecharacter
4. How Are the Characters Portrayed? – Exploring Movie Construction and Production
charactercharacter constructionstory conventionsopen textbook
Narrative – Moving Pictures
narrative structureopen textbookstory conventions
“Narratives” in “Film Appreciation” on OpenALG
story conventionsnarrative structureopen textbook
3. What Are the Mechanics of Story and Plot? – Exploring Movie Construction and Production
story conventionsnarrative structureopen textbook
How Film Scores Play with Our Brains - YouTube
audiosoundtrackfilm scoreyoutubevideo essay
“Mise-En-Scène” in “Film Appreciation” on OpenALG
mise en sceneopen textbook
Mise-en-Scène – Moving Pictures
mise en sceneopen textbook
Settings are Characters, Too - YouTube
settingvideo essayyoutube
SPOILER ALERT: Spoiler Alerts Are Making Us All Stupid | WIRED
spoilersagency and controlmedia and change
The Weirdly Political Legacy of ‘Ghostbusters’ - POLITICO
ghostbustersnarrative and ideologyideology
Streaming services like Netflix should be forced to spend 20% of local revenue on Australian content, a new government report suggests
netflixnetflix regulationmedia regulationaustralian mediamedia industrymedia and changeagency and control
What Is 'Review Bombing'? Marvel's 'the Eternals' Becomes Latest Victim
agency and controlmedia and audience influencereview bombingthe eternalsmarvel
Fewer episodes, more foreign owners: the incredible shrinking of Australian TV drama
australian storiesaustralian mediamedia industrymedia ownership
Facebook says post that cast doubt on covid-19 vaccine was most popular on the platform from January through March - The Washington Post
covid-19facebookagency and controlmedia and audience influenceuse of the media
On TikTok, lies and misinformation run wild - Hack - triple j
tiktokABC Hackagency and controluse of the mediamedia and audience influencecovid-19coronavirus
Where was the broadcasting regulator when Sky News Australia was airing misinformation about Covid-19? | Australian media | The Guardian
covid-19coronavirusSky Newsagency and controlaustralian mediamedia regulationmedia influence
YouTube Bans Sky News Australia For A Week After COVID Misinformation
youtubeSky Newscovid-19coronavirusmedia influencemedia and audience influenceagency and controllegal and ethical issuesmedia regulation
Trust in media and government drop in latest study by Edelman Australia
media and changemedia industryaustralian mediaagency and controlnews mediadynamic and changing relationships
The Auteurs: Jane Campion – Cinema Axis
stylejane campion
Everything you need to know about Jane Campion | Guide
stylejane campion
Jane Campion: ‘Capitalism is such a macho force. I felt run over’ | Jane Campion | The Guardian
stylejane campion
Campion, Jane – Senses of Cinema
stylejane campion
Stop Doomscrolling and Grab a Game Controller Instead | WIRED
agency and controlvideo gamesmedia influencemedia and audience influencepositive media influencedoomscrollingnegative media influence
What Type of Scene Is It?. “It is important to understand what… | by Scott Myers | Jul, 2021 | Go Into The Story
story conventionsnarrative structures
Carpenter, John – Senses of Cinema
stylejohn carpenter
Directors' Trademarks: John Carpenter - Cinelinx | Movies. Games. Geek Culture.
stylejohn carpenter
10 Signs You're Watching A John Carpenter Film | ScreenRant
stylejohn carpenter
What Makes a John Carpenter Film a John Carpenter Film?
stylejohn carpenter
John Carpenter: Analyzing His Style and Growing Influence - Den of Geek
stylejohn carpenter
Director and Composer John Carpenter on Minimalism, Collaboration and Unexpected Second Acts | Red Bull Music Academy Daily
stylejohn carpenter
TSPDT - John Carpenter
stylejohn carpenter
TSPDT - Gus Van Sant
stylegus van santarticle
What Is Gus Van Sant Trying to Tell Us? - The Ringer
stylegus van santarticle
Directors' Trademarks: Quentin Tarantino - Cinelinx | Movies. Games. Geek Culture.
stylequentin tarantinoarticle
How Reservoir Dogs Established Tarantino's Style | ScreenRant
stylequentin tarantinoarticle
Quentin Tarantino: The Cinematic Mastermind of the Mix-and-Match Genre
stylequentin tarantinoarticle
Directing Styles Explained: Quentin Tarantino Tips and Techniques
stylequentin tarantinoarticle
Directors' Trademarks: David Fincher - Cinelinx | Movies. Games. Geek Culture.
styledavid fincherarticle
David Fincher: The Ultimate Guide to His Films and Directing Style - IFH
styledavid fincherarticle
David Fincher's Directing Style Explained | Screen Rant
styledavid fincherarticle
David Fincher, as Explained by the People Who Work With Him - The Ringer
styledavid fincherarticle
What Makes Up David Fincher’s Signature Directing Style | by Luna Konda | Medium
styledavid fincherarticle
David Fincher Style: Visual Elements From Zodiac to Mindhunter | IndieWire
styledavid fincherarticle
The Directing Style of David Fincher
styledavid fincherarticle
Todd Haynes Collects Images to Guide the Feel of His Films - The New York Times
styletodd haynesarticle
Where to begin with Todd Haynes | BFI
styletodd haynes
Todd Haynes’ Cinematic Voice: Stream 7 Classic Films That Shaped Him | IndieWire
styleinspirationtodd haynes
What the Style of Todd Haynes’s ‘Safe’ Can Tell Us About Fashion in Isolation | Vogue
styletodd haynesarticle
Everything you need to know about Todd Haynes | Guide
styletodd haynesarticle
Herzog, Werner – Senses of Cinema
stylewerner herzogarticle
9 Recurring Themes in The Cinema of Werner Herzog – Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
stylewerner herzogarticle
Werner Herzog: The Art of Becoming a Gonzo Filmmaking Genius - Rolling Stone
stylewerner herzogarticle
Zoom and Photo Filters Blamed for Rise in Body Dysmorphic Disorder | PetaPixel
agency and controlmedia influencemedia and audience influencezoombody dysmorphic disorderphoto filters
Education Programs | NFSA
media programs
Scarlett Johansson and a decade of gender politics in the Marvel universe | Film | The Guardian
marvelrepresentationmedia representationsrepresentations and constructionsrepresentations and audiencesgender representation
An Extensive Look Back At Some Of The Games Australia Has Banned
australian mediamedia industrymedia regulationvideo game regulationrefused classificationaustralian classification board
Games Don't Just Let You Escape. They Also Help You Remember | WIRED
media and changemedia influencevideo gamesagency and controlmedia and audience influencepositive media influence
Friendlyjordies Facebook group banned for breaking guidelines
facebookfriendlyjordiesagency and controluse of the medialegal and ethical issuesmedia regulation
Crazy Domains breaches Ad Standards for depiction of public urination
ad standardsmedia organisationsaustralian mediamedia regulationindustry regulationpublic urinationagency and control
Riz Ahmed calls for urgent change in ‘toxic portrayals’ of Muslims on screen | Film | The Guardian
representationmedia representations
How Australia's New Proposed Online Safety Bill Targets Queer People
media regulationaustralian medialgbt
Video nasties: Moral panic spawned a canon of cult horror movies
moral panicvideo nastiesagency and controlhorrormedia influence
‘A tool for good’: How video games helped Nelson during lockdown
agency and controlmedia influenceuse of the mediavideo gamescovid-19
Disco Elysium videogame ban overturned following Classification Board review | screenhub Australia
disco elysiumvideo gamesmedia regulationaustralian classification board
Play the game to see how video games are designed to get you hooked and spending - ABC News
video gamesagency and controlmedia and changeuse of the media
Australia urged to move on from ‘moral panic’ over video games after Disco Elysium banned | Games | The Guardian
moral panicdisco elysiumagency and controlaustralian mediaaustralian classification board
Scientists create online games to show risks of AI emotion recognition | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian
video gamesartificial intelligencearticle
How dark patterns in web design trick you into saying yes - Vox
agency and controlmedia and changedark patternsuse of the media
Language of Film
media literacycodes and conventions
Does Netflix have a responsibility to provide trigger warnings on its content? - Hack - triple j
netflixnetflix regulationagency and controlmedia regulationtrigger warnings
Disney, Pixar and Netflix are teaching your children the wrong messages about pain
disneypixarnetflixmedia influenceagency and controlrepresentationmedia representations
The Cyberpunk 2077 Review Drama
video gamescyberpunk 2077agency and controlmedia and changeuse of the media
Spotify year in review: Your “2020 Wrapped” numbers are a misleading, sinister grift.
spotifyagency and controluse of the media
(161) Section 230, explained - YouTube
Remote learning and screen time expert tips
'Criminal Minds,' Spencer Reid fans love TikTok. Here's why - Los Angeles Times
When sharing a Facebook post lands you in hot water — social media defamation risks explained - ABC News
Google’s ‘Open Letter’ is Trying to Scare Australians, It Just Doesn’t Want to Pay for News
Physical Games Now Require ‘In-Game Purchase’ Disclosures In Australia
A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop (Part One) | Fstoppers
‘Google and Facebook have as much in common as water polo and running shoes’: The fall out from Google’s open letter
Male, pale and stale: Media's lack of diversity is causing a disconnect with audiences
Holding Not-Fot-Profits Accountable For Racism On Instagram
Open letter - The way Aussies search with Google is at risk - Google
A history of media technology scares, from the printing press to Facebook.
Coronavirus made them social media superstars, but can likes translate to votes? - ABC News
The revealing and disturbing story of America, told through 20 years of reality dating shows - The Washington Post
Facebook took down a Trump post for the first time  - Vox
Taylor Swift Fans Are Sending Death Threats To 'folklore' Reviewers
How Streaming and Binging Has Changed Our Relationship With TV
Parents Upset Over New Nintendo Console - Super Nintendo - Circa 1991 - YouTube
media and changemoral panicmedia and technologyvideonintendo
A Tour Through the History of Photography | Szydlo's At Home Science - YouTube
The US Military Is Using Online Gaming to Recruit Teens
Bastard Culture
Are we all produsers now?
Charlie Kaufman Says “Studios Ruined Movies” | IndieWire
The Last of Us 2 devs, voice actors are getting death threats - Polygon
Fortnite recruits Van Jones to teach players about racism
fortnitemedia influencepositive media influence
It’s Time to Reboot the Debate Over Violent Videogames | WIRED
media influenceagency and controlmedia and audience influencevideo games
Todd Haynes' "Safe:" A Parable for the End of the World - GARAGE
todd haynessafe
Werner Herzog: 'I'm fascinated by trash TV. The poet must not avert his eyes' | Film | The Guardian
werner herzogarticle
‘Jaws’ Is Still Devouring Us. SOS!
narrative and ideologyJaws
More Americans Are Getting Their News From Social Media

This is a note on an article

dynamic and changing relationshipsagency and control
BBC Sounds - Original Pilot Material...from The Social, Series 3: Gaming, GAMING: The Positive Power of Gaming On Our Minds
agency and controlmedia influencevideo gamesmedia and audience influence
A Facebook ad boycott has cost Mark Zuckerberg $72 billion. But will it make any difference? - ABC News
agency and controlfacebookzuckerbergfacebook boycottmedia and audience influence
Unilever will pull ads from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the rest of the year - The Verge
agency and controlfacebook boycottfacebookUnilevermedia and audience influence
Fact check
videofact checking
TV has changed, so must the way we support local content
australian storiesmedia and changemedia regulation
5 Important Tips to Help You Make Great Storyboards
How to Make a Storyboard for Film: Step-by-Step Storyboarding for Beginners
How to Make a Storyboard: A Step-by-Step Guide (with FREE Templates)
46 Best Movie Storyboard Examples (with Free Storyboard Templates)
Intro to Storyboarding (RocketJump) - YouTube
What is a storyboard? (ACMI) - YouTube
The Importance of Narrative Ellipsis In Editing
articleeditingcontinuity editing
(32) A Beginner’s Guide to LAYERS and Layer MASKS in PHOTOSHOP - YouTube
photoshoplayer masksvideotutorial
Siblings addicted to video game during lockdown jump off building
agency and controlmedia influencebullet theorymedia and audience influence
The ‘Fortnite effect’: It's not just a video game, players have purchasing power
fortniteagency and controlmedia influencemedia and audience influenceuse of the media
Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ is being called out for its Bangladesh yellow filter
mise en scene
mise en scenearticle
Best FREE Animation Software — Ready to Download Right Now
How to Write a Film Treatment in 6 Steps - 2020 - MasterClass
How to Write a Treatment (with Film Treatment Examples)
How to Write a Film Treatment | FREE Treatment Template & Examples
Citizen DJ / Homepage
new mediamedia remixcreative commons
Content quotas are the most efficient way to ensure the creation of great Australian TV shows | John Edwards | Television & radio | The Guardian
agency and controlnew mediamedia regulationcontent quotas
1975 'Jaws' Trailer Resonates in Coronavirus Era
Jawsnarrative and ideologycurrent day audience
We Shot Our Film with a $600 Camera, 3 Lights, and No Budget (and Still Got Distribution)
media production
Another Nail in the Coffin of Australian Production | FilmInk
australian storiesaustralian mediamedia regulation
How Australians' Values Are Shifting During COVID-19 - B&T
narrative and ideology
Ethos, Pathos, Logos and the 20 Most Effective Ways to Advertise [Infographic]
media influencemedia manipulationadvertising
Finding the Perfect Balance of Darkness in Horror Films
lightingmedia production
Computer games: More than a lockdown distraction - BBC News
agency and controluses and gratificationuse of the media
The Daily Telegraph breached suicide reporting guidelines by saying 'Go for it, boaties': Press Council
agency and controlmedia regulationsuicide reporting guidelines
How readers play a vital role in shaping the Guardian's coronavirus content | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
agency and controlcoronavirusmedia and audience influenceuse of the media
Sonic The Hedgehog’s Ben Schwartz Explains The Character Redesign And Benefit Of Backlash - CINEMABLEND
agency and controlsonic the hedgehogmedia and audience influenceuse of the media
Storyboard: Parasite's Montage Scene - YouTube
media productionstoryboardsParasitevideo
SIGHT & SOUND: The Cinema of Walter Murch on Vimeo

Full length doco on Walter Murch.

walter murcheditingvideodocumentary
The beaches will be open by Easter
To prevent a repeat of Christchurch, websites hosting violent videos could be blocked - Science - ABC News
new mediaagency and controlchristchurcharticlemedia regulation
Media Studies 101 – The Open Textbook Project provides flexible and affordable access to higher education resources
open textbook
'Sonic' and the Costs of Fan Anger
agency and controlsonic the hedgehogfan entitlementuse of the mediamedia and audience influence
An Intro to Continuity Editing
continuity editingform conventions
Film 101: Understanding Film Lighting - 2020 - MasterClass
(85) Taika Waititi and Stephen Merchant Break Down a Scene from 'Jojo Rabbit' - YouTube
jojo rabbitvideo essay
(85) Noah Baumbach Breaks Down the Intense 'Marriage Story' Fight Scene - YouTube
video essaybaumbachmarriage story
(85) Noah Baumbach Breaks Down the ‘Marriage Story’ Courtroom Scene | Vanity Fair - YouTube
video essaymarriage storybaumbach
Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair - YouTube
jokeropening sequencenarrative constructionvideo essaystory conventions
Joker Cinematographer Explains The Impact of Color in Film | Vanity Fair - YouTube
jokercolourvideo essay
What Happens When A Movie Has No Gaffer? | Reverse Film School | Vanity Fair - YouTube
youtubevanity fairreverse film schoollightinggaffer
The Magic of Making Sound - YouTube
Symposiums - Reverse Shot
inside llewyn daviscoen brothersessay
The Real Genius of Love Island Is Its Money-Making App | WIRED
love islandarticlemedia organisationsnew media
(81) The First 5 Couples Poses Every Photographer Needs to Learn | Mastering Your Craft - YouTube
Effective English Revision
The Power Of Colour In Film: Storytelling Through Chromatics
Color Theory in Film — Color Psychology for Directors: Ep5 - YouTube
colourvideo essay
How David Fincher's Movie Color Palette Sets Your Nerves on Edge - YouTube
finchercolourvideo essay
Colour In Storytelling | The Cinema Cartography - YouTube
colourvideo essay
How filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color - YouTube
colourvideo essay
Understanding Color - YouTube
La La Land: Using Color | VIDEO ESSAY - YouTube
colourvideo essayvideoLa La LandChizelle
Westworld: What Makes Anthony Hopkins Great - YouTube
actingvideo essayvideowestworldnerdwriter
Introduction: gesture in film: Journal for Cultural Research: Vol 19, No 1
(80) Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 32 Actors' Accents | WIRED - YouTube
Accent Expert Breaks Down 6 Fictional Languages From Film & TV | WIRED - YouTube
Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 31 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED - YouTube
There Will Be Blood: Vocal Control in Movies - YouTube
actingvoicethere will be bloodyoutubevideo
Film Bodies: Gender, Genre, and Excess
genregenre conventions
male gaze
male gaze
mise en scenetextbook
Observations on film art : THE SOCIAL NETWORK: Faces behind Facebook
actingBordwellThe Social Networkfacial expression
Children of Men Alfonso Cuarón film analysis • Senses of Cinema
charactermise en sceneChildren of MenAlfonso Cuaron
How Movie Trailers Are Created | Vanity Fair - YouTube
videomovie trailersbtstbr
What does Slavoj Zizek mean when he talks about ideology? - Big Think
ideologynarrative and ideologyzizek
10 Cuts Every Video Editor Needs to Know - YouTube
Cinematographer Explains 3 Different Camera Lenses | Vanity Fair - YouTube
cameraworkcinematographycamera lenswide angletelephotovideo
Australia bans video games for things you'd see in movies. But gamers can access them anyway
new mediaagency and controlmedia regulation
Can cinema survive in a golden age of serial TV?
new media
Jaws: Behind the Classic Shark Effects | Bonus Feature Spotlight [Blu-ray/DVD] - YouTube
A glossary of dirty tricks websites use against their readers / Boing Boing
agency and controldark patternsuse of the media
After her daughter's 'copycat suicide', this mother is warning young people about '13 Reasons Why' - Hack - triple j
agency and control13 reasons whymedia regulationlegal and ethical issues
Rian Johnson on Star Wars Fandom & Why Empire Still Resonates – /Film
rian johnsonstar warsfandomagency and controluse of the media
Why people believe obviously fake videos and images
new mediaagency and controlfake mediause of the mediamedia and audience influence
Media Awareness Education: Eighteen Basic Principles | Center for Media Literacy | Empowerment through Education | CML MediaLit Kit ™ |
media literacyfake media
Netflix and YouTube could be forced to produce more Australian content | Media | The Guardian
netflixyoutubeaustralian storiesagency and controlmedia regulation
Troll Factory
gametrollfake mediaagency and controlnew mediause of the media
'I crumbled big time': Former reality stars call for more support, industry shake-up
Reality TVmedia regulationagency and control
Teaching the History of Film Craft (pt. 1)
media pedagogy
Don't Blame The Classification Board For DayZ, Blame The Government | Kotaku Australia
media regulationvideo game regulationday z
Costume Design: The Hidden Layer of Movie Magic - YouTube
mise en scenecostumevideo essay
Baby Driver - Colour Coded Characters

Looks at the use of colour in the costuming within Baby Driver

mise en scenecolourcostumebaby drivervideo essay
Narrative: A Critical Linguistic Introduction - Michael Toolan - Google Books

In depth look at the function of setting from a narrative standpoint.

Setting - Definition and Examples | LitCharts

definitions of setting

The Coen Brothers: Setting as Character - YouTube

Video essay exploring the use of setting as a character

settingyoutubevideovideo essaycoen brothers
ScreenSite: Syllabi Listings
media pedagogy
If we don't tell Australian stories, we may never have a unified country again - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
australian storiesmedia regulation
Cats' Controversial CGI Changed After Viral Online Response
Catsagency and controlfan entitlementuse of the mediamedia and audience influence
"Bechdelgrams" are beautiful illustrations of whether a movie passes the Bechdel test / Boing Boing
representationbechtel test
Watch "Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories" on YouTube
narrative conventionsnarrative structureyoutubevideo
‘Too broad’: film classification ratings leaving children exposed to unsuitable content | Film | The Guardian
agency and controlmedia regulationclassification board
tweetmedia regulationnetflixnetflix regulationclassification board
VOTD: Movie Trailer Tropes Explained by an Industry Expert /Film
form conventionsmovie trailersvideoyoutube
A Beginner's Guide to Aperture in Photography | Fstoppers
Why do cinemas hate long movies?
media industry
Reality TV, like The Block, is the best behavioural change tool we have
Reality TVagency and controlmedia influencemedia and audience influence
Cancel Culture


agency and controlcancel culturepeter coffinuse of the media
Match cut videos like a pro (part 2) - YouTube
editingtutorialvideotechnical code
The troubling age of algorithmic entertainment
articleagency and controlmedia and changealgorithmsdynamic and changing relationshipsuse of the media